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RFID Gates

RFID Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device and consists of a small circuit integrated into your Diamond Peak season pass, lift ticket, or any package or product that gives you access to our chairlifts. When you enter the gated area at the lift line, this circuit registers with the antennas at the gates and open the Axess gates automatically for hands-free and streamlined lift access. This means that you no longer have to pull out your lift ticket or a season pass for scanning every time you approach the lifts. 

Where should I put my new RFID card?

Your RFID card should be kept in a secure pocket on the side of your jacket, sleeve or pants by itself. We recommend a left pocket, or right for you goofy riders.  Do not carry any other passes or RFID cards (hotel keys, other resort cards, family member Diamond Peak cards) in the same pocket as your Diamond Peak RFID card.  Do not punch a hole in your card as it will inactive it. It is important to keep your RFID card by itself, or the card may not scan at the gates. 

RFID and Diamond Peak Season Pass Holders

Hold on to your new RFID season pass year after year as it can be conveniently re-loaded online. As always, your season sasses are for personal use only, non-transferable, and cannot be resold. Your photo will still be taken and displayed via remote screen to the lift attendants each time you access a chairlift.


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