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Early-Morning & After-Hours Uphill Closure

NOTE: This Uphill Access closure does not affect normal ski resort operations. Diamond Peak will be open as usual for skiing and snowboarding during this period, with normal chairlift operations and access for skiing and riding from 9:00am – 4:00pm daily.

Uphill Closure March 28 – March 31, 2024

Early-morning and after-hours Uphill Access (by means of skinning and snowshoeing) at Diamond Peak will be closed to everyone through Sunday, March 31, due to numerous and repeated policy violations this season, including several extremely serious near-misses.

On the night of March 27, we had an uphill access skier accessing the mountain after uphill hours had ended (7pm) and outside of the designated uphill routes. This individual was on a trail with a winch cat, which can be deadly for a human to interact with. This is the second incident in the past month of an uphill skier interacting with a winch cat outside of our designated uphill hours. We are all lucky that neither of these incidents resulted in serious injury or death. With both of these incidents our safety signage was in place, but the skiers involved chose to break the policy and disobey the signs.

The success of the uphill program at Diamond Peak relies on every single person following the policy completely. The policy exists so we can continue to safely offer this program, however the program is in jeopardy if users continue to disobey it. We truly want to see the uphill program to continue to be successful, with the safety of our guests and employees as the core component of allowing uphill access. If that safety continues to be compromised because of a lack of policy adherence, we will have to restrict access further.

Please visit the Uphilling page for status updates and to review the Uphill Use Policy. And please help spread the word amongst the uphilling community of the reasons for this temporary closure and what everyone can do to ensure uphill access remains open in the future.

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