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Lodgepole Chairlift Haul Rope Replacement

In late April 2022, the Lodgepole Chairlift haul rope (aka the wire cable that the chairlifts are attached to) was replaced with a brand-new haul rope supplied by Fatzer, LTD – a specialty steel wire rope manufacturer based in Switzerland. The process of replacing the haul rope is a complicated one, requiring an all-hands-on-deck approach from the resort’s summer maintenance staff, as well as expert outside consultants.

First the chairlift carriers – what skiers/riders sit on – must be removed. Then the old rope is detensioned and taken off a number of lift towers so it can be accessed. The new rope is then temporarily spliced into the old, and a special system is rigged on the ground to pull the new rope around all of the lift towers, using the old rope as a guide. Finally, the temporary splice is undone, and the new rope is permanently spliced together, rehung on the lift towers, and retensioned to its operating tension.

Extensive testing is conducted throughout the process and after to ensure the new rope is functioning properly before the chairlift carriers are reattached and the chairlift is fully load tested and certified as ready for passengers for next winter season.

View more photos in the 2022 Lodgepole Chairlift haul rope replacement album on Facebook. 

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