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Layering for a day at Diamond Peak

We all know the saying about weather, “Wait 5 minutes and it will change.” Nowhere is that more true than spending a day in the mountains where morning temperatures can be in the teens, then warm up to the high 30s by noon and then drop back down into the 20s by the time the lifts close.

Preparing yourself for a day at Diamond Peak involves more than just remembering to grab your season pass on the way out the door. If you really want to enjoy the full day on the mountain (especially with restricted indoor access at the moment) you will need to have a layering system. If you are too hot, you can always take layers off, but if you don’t have them with you and you get cold, there is no way to add more layers.

A good layering system can be broken down into 4 parts:

  • Base Layers – should wick moisture away from the body
  • Mid Layers – should trap body heat
  • Outer Layers – should keep out the wind and snow
  1. Base layers will include socks, thermal top and a thermal bottom. Base layers should be made from a material that will wick moisture away from your body – merino wool is one of the best materials and synthetics like polyester and nylon are also good. Base layers should fit closely to your body for maximum effect. Only wear one pair of quality socks to avoid bunching inside of your boot which is a quick way to make your day miserable.
  2. Mid layers normally will only include a top and material will vary from wool sweaters, thin down jackets or fleece. This layer will depend on your personal preferences and temperature, but you should choose a material that will keep your heat trapped close to your body.
  3. Outer layers should most importantly be waterproof. There are many styles of jackets, pants and other outerwear available; waterproof technologies are widely used in the snow-sports industry. Remember to invest in good gloves to keep your hands warm all day. If you are like myself and prefer leather gloves, remember to treat them with an all season leather protectant before hitting the slopes.


Written by Jon Tekulve, Director of Skier Services, Diamond Peak Resort for the February 2021 IVGID Quarterly Magazine.

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