Uphill Use Policy


Uphill use by means of skinning or snowshoeing has gained in popularity in recent years at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. The ski area welcomes and supports individuals seeking to exercise and enjoy the quiet mountain setting with an Uphill Season Pass. Mountain users can preserve this opportunity by following the guidelines explained in the Diamond Peak Uphill Use Policy and obtaining an Uphill Season Pass at Guest Services before accessing the mountain.

Uphill use at Diamond Peak is not allowed between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. other than during sanctioned events, such as early race training, when uphill use will need to occur before participants are on the mountain. Download the following forms, or fill out at Guest Services to obtain an Uphill Season Pass. Your consideration of these rules ensures that we can continue to allow uphill access - please be a good steward of our community-owned mountain!

Uphill Season Pass Form & Waiver + Uphill Use Policy


2017-18 Diamond Peak Uphill Use Policy

Users must abide by the rules and regulations established by Incline Village General Improvement District when accessing Diamond Peak both during and after operations. Access to the resort trails or property at any time, with or without a ticket/pass, is at your own risk and you assume all risks of injury or death associated with your use of resort property for any reason. Respect all warning signs, closures and ropes no matter the time of day or season.  If you decide to leave the ski area boundaries you are responsible for understanding and accepting the risks of your choice. It is prohibited to approach within 100 feet of grooming machines, winch cats, winch cables (whether stationary or moving) or operating snowmaking equipment. This must be observed at all times, unless there are no safe alternatives.  

The following are policies you must follow for uphill travel at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.  Please use common sense and good judgment at all times.

Uphill Use Policy During Operating Hours:
Uphill use at Diamond Peak is not allowed between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm other than during  sanctioned events, such as early race training, when Uphill use will need to occur before participants are on the mountain. 

Uphill Use Policy Outside Of Operating Hours

  1. You must abide by the Washoe County Skiers Responsibility Code Skier/Snowboarder Safety Act
  2. Constantly be on the lookout for snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, groomers, winch cats and winch cables.
    • Do not enter areas where machinery is in use
    • The majority of machinery operates after hours. Pay close attention at all times.
  3. Stay to the center of the trail for best visibility. When travelling in groups please proceed in a single file to respect the groomed surfaces.
  4. Preseason access is not allowed due to snowmaking and grooming operations.
  5. Use of all Terrain Park features is prohibited outside of normal operating hours.
  6. Before and after daylight hours, a headlamp or flashlight is required and reflective clothing preferred.
  7. Dogs: Dogs must be on a leash or kept under verbal control and owners must clean up all solid waste. Failure to do so may result in removal of Uphill Use privileges. DPSR/IVGID is not responsible for injury to dogs or other pets. Owners will be held responsible for any resulting damages or injuries to persons or property due to their animals.
  8. if your presence on resort property presents a hazard or the resort staff feels that you are impeding the operations of the resort, you may be directed to utilize a different location. You must follow such direction or you will be asked to leave the premises
  9. All ungroomed trails are closed for uphill use.
  10. While downhill skiing or riding you must follow all of the above guidelines pertaining to trail access/use, out of bound skiing/riding, and caution of safety hazards.

Participants must be aware of and avoid mountain hazards which include but are not limited to:

  • Snowmaking hoses – Warning, high pressure. Do not ski over snowmaking hoses!
  • Electrical cords – Danger. Do not walk or ski over electrical cords! They are 480 volts or greater. In general avoid travelling between snowmaking machinery and the tree line.
  • Stay away from hydrants. While in use they will not have pads on them.
  • Snowmobiles – Stay away from snowmobiles and if you see one make yourself visible.
  • Snow Cat Grooming Machines – Give Snow Cats a wide berth and make yourself visible to operators. Do not assume they can see you. DO NOT ski down directly behind grooming machinery in the fresh corduroy.
  • Winch Cat Operations – Dangerous Cable! Winch Snow Cats attach to cables to groom on steep slopes. Such work will involve cables stretched tight across the terrain on the slope and above the slope. This is very dangerous. Under no circumstance may anyone access any area within the resort where winch cat operations are taking place. Skiing into them can result in serious injury or death. Winch cables are known to move in any direction and can jump multiple feet into the air when in use. IF YOU SEE A FLASHING BEACON DO NOT TRAVEL BEYOND IT.
  • Other hazard areas, operations or conditions may exist on the mountain including but not limited to the following risks: collisions with other skiers or riders, natural and manmade objects, trees, rocks, fences, lift towers, snowmaking equipment, over the snow vehicles such as snowmobiles or grooming equipment, unfinished grooming activity, loss of control, variations in terrain and snow conditions, bare spots, bumps, moguls, ice, stumps, forest growth and debris, erosion control devices, terrain park features, walking on the resort property and parking lots.
  • Diamond Peak is a mountain environment that requires your alertness, common sense and caution.  Read and obey all signs. Be sure your physical condition permits you to hike, ski, snowboard, skin or otherwise use resort facilities.  Be aware that high elevation can accentuate existing health problems and concerns.
  • There is no on-site medical/rescue response after hours and assistance may take a increased amount time to arrive. In case of emergency call 911. During hours of operation, Dispatch may be reached at (775) 832-1225

Required Pass and Release Of Liability
In order to travel uphill on Resort grounds, all persons are required to have an Uphill Pass. The pass can be picked up during normal operating hours at Guest Services, located in the first floor of the Skier Services building at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. In addition, all persons are required to sign the Uphill Waiver of Liability at the time of pass issuance.  Persons traveling without proper, required documents will be asked to leave the resort and obtain proper pass credentials before returning.