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Newly named glade zones

Diamond Peak offers 655 skiable acres, and almost 500 acres of that is gladed tree runs. These glade zones, the areas of tree skiing off the main trails, are the place to be on storm days and when you want to escape into your own winter world. We think Diamond Peak has some of the best glade skiing in the area but the only areas with official names through last season were The Glades (real creative, right?) and Solitude Canyon. But that has all changed! Last season we asked our community of skiers and riders to help us name the 13 glade zones on the map below and after a lengthy screening/voting process the names are in. Introducing...

  • G1 - The Crown Jewels (formerly The Glades)
  • G2 - Bonanza
  • G3 - Promised Land
  • G4 - Rollerglades
  • G5 - Glade Runner
  • G6 - Elevator Shaft
  • G7 - Area del Fuego
  • G8 - Boarder Line
  • G9 - Gnarnia
  • G10 - Nirvana
  • G11 - Outer Limits
  • G12 - Cappy's Corner
  • G13 - Zig Zag

Stay tuned throughout the season as we drop photos and interviews with the folks who suggested these names on our social media feeds!

glade zones map

More than you were expecting

We know what some skiers and riders (mostly who've never been here) think about Diamond Peak...

  • "It's so small."
  • "Beautiful view, but not that many runs."
  • "It's just a family ski resort - great for kids but no 'real' skier would be able to spend a whole day there and have fun."

Before you make up your mind, check out a few statistics:

Vertical Drop: Steep Pow Turns1,840 feet (561 meters) - those are big-mountain numbers! In fact, the independent website ranks Diamond Peak 4th in the Tahoe region for "True-Up Vertical" (their measure of a resort's actual skiable/ridable vertical drop). So yeah, we may be small (655 acres), but we're tall and skinny.

Runs per Hour: You want to spend more time making laps and less time waiting in lift lines? The Crystal Express chair might just be your ticket to heaven. Responsible for 1,475ft (450m) of that 1,840 vertical feet total, the high-speed Crystal Express quad offers access to steep groomers like Lightning, Diamondback, Battleborn and Luggi's, gladed tree runs off Crystal Ridge, and the chance to explore Solitude Canyon. And even on the busiest days, you'll never find more than a short lineup at the bottom.

Gladed tree skiing/riding: The best tree runs in Tahoe. That's a big claim, but it's one we're sticking to. Whether you're exploring The Glades or Solitude Canyon (the only zones with official names at this point) or the trees in between Lightning, Diamondback, Battleborn and Sunnyside, you're going to have a smile on your face. Diamond Peak offers 655 skiable acres, and almost 500 acres of that is gladed tree runs. Thanks to a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, TRPA, local fire crews and our summer maintenance staff, we've cleared out many of the smaller trees and brush in these zones, making them healthier forests, less prone to wildfire, and as an added bonus, incredibly fun for skiers and riders. Be careful not to get distracted by those peek lake views and find yourself hugging a tree unintentionally!

Solitude Canyon (aka G7 - G11): It's not always open, and when conditions aren't right, it's not worth venturing out there. But when it's on, you'll find untracked lines, tons of secret stashes, and peek lake views around every corner.

Don't just take our word for it

Get a quick preview of some of the fun spots you'll find on the mountain with our Steeps & Stashes video sereis.

And of course you can go check out what folks are saying about us on Yelp, TripAdvisor or other websites, but just take it with a grain of salt knowing that not a lot of folks spend the time really exploring this mountain to find all the fun spots you can get in to.

So now you that you know... shhhhhhhh! Don't tell just anyone. wink