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Renowned for its panoramic views of Lake Tahoe, Diamond Peak Ski Resort is now recognized for their sustainability initiatives as the first ski resort in Lake Tahoe to become STOKE Certified. As one of the early adopters of the STOKE Snow certification program during the 2015/16 season, the community-owned ski resort has been diligently following their Roadmap Report to achieve best practices in snowmaking, interpretation, waste diversion, and community development.

STOKE Certified - the Sustainable Tourism Operator’s Kit for Evaluation - is the world’s first sustainability certification body with standards built specifically for surf and ski tourism operators. The organization was founded with a mission to assist resorts in developing systematic approaches to sustainability, environmental responsibility, customer loyalty, and staff retention.  

Diamond Peak was benchmarked in April 2015 by STOKE Certified to assess all of Diamond Peak’s management practices, community development initiatives, interpretation programs, waste management, cultural heritage preservation, biodiversity conservation, and much more. STOKE provided a Roadmap Report to guide the ski area towards achieving best practices as well as STOKE certification. View Diamond Peak's profile and learn more about STOKE Certified

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Sustainability Measures

Diamond Peak Ski Resort is one of many that recognizes global warming and the effects that pollutants have on our environment. These are a few things that Diamond Peak has done or continues to do to join the cause in helping our winters stay cool:

  • Installed two ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations at Diamond Peak (upper lot) and two down the road at the Incline Championship Golf Course (955 Fairway Blvd)
  • Installed thermostats in our facilities on automated systems, thereby reducing our energy use by at least 20%
  • Upgraded snowmaking system to use newer, more energy-efficient technology including: fan guns and low energy HKD snowguns
  • Installed Evolution (EVO) boilers for more efficient heating in the Skier Services Building
  • Encourages carpooling by offering two shuttles that pick up in Incline Village and the Hyatt
  • Installed dual-flush toilets, thermal windows, and new lighting to conserve water and energy
  • Installed hydration stations with sensors to encourage the use of reusable beverage containers
  • Educates employees and the community through IVGID’s WasteNot programs, "Go Green" Day, orientation, and signage in the Base Lodge
  • Encourages recycling by making recycling bins readily available
  • Controls soil erosion through slope maintenance, BMPs, and water bars to help protect Lake Tahoe water clarity
  • Uses recyclable and biodegradable containers and utensils in food and beverage outlets
  • Completed STOKE evaluation and working toward STOKE Certification
  • Runs two Diamond Peak shuttles throughout Incline Village, to pick up visitors and employees, encouraging carpooling
  • Uses environmentally-safe and biodegradable containers and utensils in food and beverage outlets

Help us Keep Tahoe Beautiful

We are committed to helping keep Tahoe beautiful and encourage guests to do their part. Help us conserve: “Drink Tahoe Tap!” instead of bottled water, use re-useable beverage containers, carpool or take the free shuttle, and recycle!