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wine tasting at diamond peaks last tracks event

Last Tracks Lottery

Jan. 17 update: As of 11:30am, all remaining Last Tracks events are now SOLD OUT (during the IVGID Recreation Pass holder exclusive sales phase). Thank you for your interest in attending Last Tracks. 

New for 2023, Diamond Peak will hold a Last Tracks Ticketing Lottery exclusively for IVGID Recreation Pass holders who wish to purchase 2023 Last Tracks tickets. IVGID Recreation Pass holders who are interested in purchasing tickets should fill out the lottery application form during the application period.

IVGID Recreation Pass holders who are selected in the lottery will be able to purchase up to four (4) tickets total for themselves and guests.

2023 Last Tracks Lottery Schedule

  • January 3rd – January 9th at 5:00 p.m.: Lottery form open to IVGID Recreation Pass holders only
  • January 10: Applicants notified via email with lottery status and instructions on how to purchase
  • January 11-13: Lottery winners may purchase up to 4 tickets (for themselves and guests)
  • January 17-19: Unsold tickets available to purchase online for IVGID Recreation Pass holders
  • January 20: Unsold tickets open for the public to purchase

Lottery Communication

Diamond Peak will email everyone who completes the Last Tracks Lottery form to notify participants of results. The email will come from, please add this email address to your contacts, mark as “not spam”, etc. to ensure you don’t miss the email.

Visit the Last Tracks page for event details including pricing, wineries/breweries and event requirements.

Ticketing Lottery FAQ

Why are you holding a lottery for Last Tracks tickets this year?

As many of you know, demand for Last Tracks tickets has far outpaced the supply over the course of the past few years. During that time period we have taken steps to limit the number of tickets an individual can purchase, and we’ve also created an exclusive pre-sale period for IVGID Recreation Pass holders, who always get first shot at Last Tracks tickets. Despite these restrictions, we still experienced an incredible surge of in-person and website traffic right when tickets went on sale last year, leading to a frustrating experience for many of our customers.

This year, in an effort to ensure all IVGID Recreation Pass holders have a fair chance at being able to purchase Last Tracks tickets, we have created the Last Tracks Ticketing Lottery system, which will allow any interested Recreation Pass holder to enter. After the lottery entry period, we will randomly select lottery winners, who will then have a 3-day window in which to purchase tickets (purchasing instructions will be sent via email to lottery winners). 

What is an IVGID Recreation Pass holder? Do I qualify?

The short answer is: If you don’t know, you probably don’t qualify. Click here for a full explanation of IVGID Passes and recreation privileges in general within the Incline Village General Improvement District. (Note: For the purposes of the Last Tracks lottery, Punch Card holders are not eligible, you must have a valid Recreation Pass.)

What else is new for 2023?

In addition to the new Ticketing Lottery, we’ve reduced the number of Last Tracks tickets that any individual can purchase down to a maximum of four (4) tickets across the entire event series. That means that a successful Ticket Lottery applicant can purchase four (4) tickets to one date, or could purchase two (2) tickets each to two (2) different dates, but no more. We’ve reduced this number from eight (8) last year to four (4) this year in an effort to allow more of our local residents to experience Last Tracks events.

If I win the lottery, can I purchase tickets for friends?

Yes, Recreation Pass holders selected in the Ticketing Lottery can purchase tickets for friends/family members to accompany them to the event(s). This has not changed from years past.

Will there be additional ticket sales phases?

Possibly. If there are additional Last Tracks tickets still available after the Lottery winners’ sales phase has closed, we will make those tickets available to IVGID Recreation Pass holders on a first-come, first-served basis starting around Jan. 17 (we will send details via email and text message). If there are still tickets available after this Recreation Pass holder sales phase, we will make them available for sale to the general public.

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