Master Plan Update Process


Project Background

"Ski Incline"/Diamond Peak has a 47-year history of providing community-based winter recreation. The Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) has continued to upgrade the ski area facility and refine the winter operation to stay in the forefront of industry technological developments and modern guest service trends. By contrast, while there has been a significant evolution within the ski industry toward four-season operations, Diamond Peak's summer business remains very limited, consisting primarily of infrequently scheduled special events. The 2012 Incline Village/Crystal Bay 2020 Vision Action Plan recommended exploring the opening Diamond Peak for year-round use. Additional summer operations at Diamond Peak would enhance an underutilized community asset, while creating additional recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Diamond Peak is currently updating its Master Plan to revisit the potential for the future development of Diamond Peak as a community recreational resource. The Plan explores opportunities for maximizing the existing winter business and assesses the potential for introducing new summer activities that will generate additional revenue. The Master Plan serves as a blueprint for future development of multi-season activities at Diamond Peak.

View The July 2014 Master Plan Document

What's Next?

In the December 25th Tahoe Bonanza's GM Column, Steve Pinkerton announced that the first Steering Committee meeting will take place on Jan. 12th from 3-5pm at the Chateau, 955 Fairway Blvd. All meetings are open to the public and webcasts will be available online. 

DateTimePlaceMeeting Minutes 
Jan. 123-5pmView the meeting on LivestreamPDF 
Jan. 263-5pmView the meeting on LivestreamPDF 
Feb. 93-5pmView the meeting on LivestreamPDF 
Feb. 233-5pmChateau, 955 Fairway BoulevardMeeting Cancelled 
March 93-5pmView the meeting on Livestream  
March 233-5pmView the meeting on Livestream  
March 303-5pmDiamond Peak Fireside Room  
  (beginning w/ a tour of Snowflake Lodge)Video tour below 
April 273-5pmChateau, 955 Fairway Boulevard  

Diamond Peak Snowflake Lodge Tour March 30, 2015


Steering Committee Members:

•Bill Echols•Al O’Connor
•Liz Harrell•Robert Olmer
•Brian Hrindo•Steve Pulver - President, Bitterbrush II HOA
•Jess Jameson•Eric Severance
•Andrew Jaine – President, Upper Tyrolean HOA•Bruce Simonian
•Shane Johnson•Charlie White
•Judith Miller 

The last few meetings...

At the November 19th meeting, the Board tabled the action on the Proposed Scope of Work for Community Engagement and Educational Outreach in connection with the Diamond Peak Master Plan – Authorization to enter into a contract with MIG in an amount not-to-exceed $263,647.There was no action item on the Master Plan itself on 11/19. A Steering Committee has been formed with the first meeting proposed to take place January 2015.

At the September 10th meeting, the Board voted unanimously to receive the Plan and authorize IVGID to form a steering committee to vet out the summer activities in Phase 1 and come back to the Board with an implementation plan and further details on Phase 1. View the Sep 10th Livestream meeting here. The Master Plan is itself a concept and items within the Plan will need to be approved individually by the Board during design planning and implementation. 

About Our Consultant Team

The teams working with Diamond Peak and the IVGID Board of Trustees with the strategic planning process includes:

SE Group - With over 55 years of experience working with ski areas and mountain resorts, the SE Group brings broad experience in helping ski areas realize opportunities for sustainable multi-season operations, while maintaining the qualities and character of the area that are important to the community.  

RRC Associates is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing market research, strategic analysis, and community/land planning services. Principal areas of focus by RRC include the ski and snowboard industry in particular, and the travel, tourism, and recreation industries generally. 

Master Plan Resources:

Public Comment

An important part of the planning process is to gain an understanding of how well Diamond Peak is functioning, how it is serving the community, and how it could better reach its full potential in serving the Incline Village community. Please use the following questions to provide us a foundation for a greater discussion about the future for Diamond Peak:

  • What is your relationship to Diamond Peak (Incline Village Resident, Diamond Peak skier, area of interest, etc.)?
  • What aspects of Diamond Peak are meeting or exceeding guests' expectations? What are the area's strongest attributes?
  • What opportunities do you see for Diamond Peak to enhance its current facilities and programs - winter and summer?

You can submit your responses, and provide any other comments at

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