Mountain Ops Updates: 2021-22 Season


There's a lot that goes on while all you skiers are asleep or just waking up for the day....Visit this news page throughout the season and offseason for the scoop about the inner workings of the resort. Expect periodic updates and cool behind the scenes photos from our Mountain Operations team. Bookmark this page or come back often for updates. We'll also try to link to this page from our social accounts and email newsletters

December 6 - New Rental Fleet arrives & waiting on Mother Nature

The snowmaking crew has been making snow at every opportunity these past five weeks, with some decent results in the base area. But above-average temeratures and weird temperature inversions have so far kept us from maximum snowmaking efficiency. We're looking forward to a potential pattern change this evening and later this week, so that hopefully we can crank up the entire system and start filling in the gaps in our top-to-bottom Opening Day terrain plan. For now, Opening Day is TBD (to be determined), but our teams are ready to make things happen quickly as soon as Mother Nature cooperates. Do those snow dances and pray for some cold temperatures!

In the meantime, our Rental Shop has been busy unboxing and preparing the brand-new fleet of Salomon rental skis & boots that we're getting in this winter.  

Snowcat waiting to workprepping new ski fleetnew skisboxes of new skis and boots

November 23 - New Snowcat arrives & snowmaking continues

We were excited to take delivery of our new Pistenbully 600 Park snowcat today. This new grooming machine incorporates all of the latest grooming and shaping technology that PistenBully has to offer, in a comfortable package that reduces emissions, increases efficiency, and provides Diamond Peak’s award-winning slope maintenance staff with even more tools to lay down perfect corduroy all over the mountain. We're still waiting on the tiller for the new snowcat to arrive (the tiller is the piece that lays down that perfect corduroy behind the cat) and then this new snowcat will join the rest of the Diamond Peak fleet in pushing out the piles of man-made snow we've got building up on the trails.

Speaking of snowmaking, you'll see in the photos below that recent cold temperaturs have allowed our snowmaking crew to get some productive days in recently.

new pistenbully snowcat frontnew pistenbully snowcat sidesnowmaking teamtr8 snowguns

November 19 - Lakeview chairlift carpet install

This winter, skiers and riders who've been to Diamond Peak before will notice something new at the Lakeview chairlift loading zone. In an effort to decrease the number of lift  stoppages and increase overall loading efficiency, we are going to be trying out a new loading system without the conveyor belt this season. Instead, our lift maintenance crews have installed special artificial turf on the loading platform (similar to the Lodgepole chair loading zone) that skiers and riders will slide across to load the chairlift. 

lakeview loading turf install

November 8 - Snowmaking season begins

We got to kick off the snowmaking season last night with some colder temps moving though the area. This was our first opportunity to run our four new Techno Alpin TR8 fan guns and try out the new TT10 tower fan gun. Just like we had expected, these machines performed amazing at marginal temps and really started putting out some snow as it got colder. As soon as the sun set, we were able to get all our fan guns going on the lower mountain and most of the smaller air/water guns going on Crystal Ridge. We are off to a great start getting prepared for opening and hoping for more cold temps and snow in the future. - Matt Melilli (Slope Maintenance Manager) 

snowmaker with sunrise over lake tahoe at diamond peak ski resort snow gun at diamond peak ski resort