Diamond Cut Video Competition Results


Diamond Cut 2022 Video Competition Results

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos and tuned in to the Diamond Cut Virtual Awards. Congrats to all our winners! 

  • Grom 1st: Steezy
  • All Mountain 1st: Get Wonky With the WuLews
  • Terrain Park 1st: Everyday in the Village
  • Viewer’s Choice - Blue Lake Tahoe

2022 Diamond Cut Video Competition Virtual Screening & Awards

The Diamond Cut Video Competition Virtual Awards premiered on the Diamond Peak YouTube and Facebook Page on Friday, April 22nd. Watch the replay below:


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Diamond Cut 2021 Video Competition Results

  • Grom 1st: Steezy
  • Grom 2nd: The Boys 
  • Grom 3rd: DP Dawgs
  • All Mountain 1st: Lightning
  • All Mountain 2nd: Jerry of the Day
  • All Mountain 3rd: Friends with Poor Judgement
  • Terrain Park 1st: Village People
  • Terrain Park 2nd: J The Rat
  • Terrain Park 3rd: Diamond Hands  
  • Viewer’s Choice - Friends with Poor Judgement

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Diamond Cut 2020 Video Competition Results

  • Mini-Grom - Jack 
  • Grom 1st - The Squad 
  • Grom 2nd - Village Grom 
  • Grom 3rd - Sredinators
  • All-Mountain 1st - Soul Rider 
  • All-Mountain 2nd - Hot Pow Pillows 
  • All-Mountain 3rd - SNU Freeride 
  • Terrain Park 1st - Village People 
  • Terrain Park 2nd - Buck 90 
  • Terrain Park 3rd (tie) - Zoom "insert speed shades" & J The Rat 
  • Viewer’s Choice - Village Grom

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Diamond Cut 2019 Video Competition Results


  • 1st Place: DP Grom
  • 2nd Place: JBski
  • 3rd Place: The Grom
  • Finalists: Puma Team, Keller's, Team Falcon


  • 1st Place: Soul Senders
  • 2nd Place: Vibe Tribe
  • 3rd Place: Textrovert
  • Finalists: Good Vibrations, Dauby, Bob’s Burgers


  • 1st Place: months
  • 2nd Place: Bugman
  • 3rd Place: Freedawgersonly
  • Finalist: The Regulators, BRØKEN, J The Rat


  • JBski

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