Tips for Kids in Lesson Programs


Please take a moment to read through our COVID FAQ: Know Before You Go page for vital pre-arrival information and what to expect at the resort this winter. 


  • All lessons must be booked in advance this season so make your lesson reservation well in advance, especially if you are booking a lesson during a peak period. 
  • Arrive early to ensure you get a parking spot and have time to get fitted for equipment and go to the restroom before the lesson. 
  • Plan on being outside and plan for weather. Bring extra layers for yourself and your kids, hand and foot warmers if it’s cold, full length socks, base layers, sunscreen, water, and snacks.
  • Bring an extra face covering and put it in your child's pocket in case one gets wet. 
  • Watch the Lesson Level videos to help you select the correct lesson for your child and to prepare them for what to expect. 

Tips for Young Kids (ages 3-6) - Child Ski Center Programs

  • Start with a private lesson if possible, your child's focused attention and rapid progress is worth the extra expense. 
  • We highly recommend you stop by the restroom outside the Child Ski Center before checking in so your child doesn't have to get undressed to use the potty as soon as you arrive.
  • There are no lockers available in the Child Ski Center. The child’s shoes will be stored by our staff; all other items must be kept by a parent.
  • Your child’s lesson will be in the dedicated Child Ski Center learning area with Pete’s Powerline surface lift only if your child is taking a Beginner/First-Timer group lesson or first-time private lesson in the Child. One parent will need to remain in our Parent Watch Zone throughout the lesson to tend to your child's personal needs. The Parent Watch Zone is outdoors so make sure you are dressed for the weather as well. 
  • If your child has progressed past the Child Ski Center learning area and surface lift, the parent must be able to ski or ride above the ability of their child and be comfortable loading and unloading the chairlift with their child. The parent will also need to have equipment and a lift ticket or season pass as they will accompany the child on the slopes and on the chairlift. 
  • It is a parental responsibility to decide if your child wears a ski helmet, but we provide them for all Child Ski Center lesson programs. We urge parents to carefully read the information provided at
  • Child rental skis or snowboards, boots, helmet and goggles with all Child Ski Center lesson packages. If your child has their own equipment, please tag/label all equipment (skis, boots, helmet, etc.) with your child's name before check-in. Label all clothing items as well. 
  • Parent lift ticket and rental gear are not included in Slide-With-Me Parent & Child Private Lessons. Parents must either have their own equipment and ticket or season pass or must purchase via the Diamond Peak online store. If the parent is renting, please plan to arrive early to ensure enough time to visit the Will Call windows in the Ticket Plaza to pick up your ticket and rental voucher and pick up your rentals from the Rental Shop before checking in at the Child Ski Center.  

Tips for Older Children (ages 7-12) - Sierra Scouts

  • Plan to arrive early to get your child ready for class on time. You will need to pick up your rental and lesson vouchers from the Will Call windows in the Ticket Plaza, go through the rental process, and walk to the lesson meeting area before the lesson start time. 
  • There are two lesson meeting areas this year: First-Time and School House beginner lessons will meet at the Red "Ski & Snowboard School Meeting Area" flag located between the Lakeview and School House chairlifts. All other level lessons will meet at the Green "Ski & Snowboard School Meeting Area" flag located near the Ski Patrol/First Aid office. When you arrive at the lesson meeting area there will be signs corresponding to the different lesson programs. 
  • Stop by the restroom on the lower level of the main lodge (on the same level as the Rental Shop) or outside the Child Ski Center before your lesson.  
  • Label your child's clothing. Kids are notorious for leaving gloves and other items lying around. Please label them with their name so we can return them to you at the end of the lesson.
  • If your child is using their own ski/snowboard equipment, make sure it fits. Try it all on before arriving at the slopes. Boots should fit snugly but comfortably, and skis/snowboards should be sized for your child's height/weight and ability level.
  • It is a parental responsibility to decide if your child wears a ski helmet, but we highly recommend it and helmets are available for rent at the Rental Shop. We urge parents to carefully read the information provided at
  • Please, ensure you personally meet your children on time when the lesson is over.


New to skiing or never been to Diamond Peak? View more tips for the whole family on the Beginners page.