Tips for Kids


Tips for Young Kids (ages 3-6) - Child Ski Center Programs

  • Consider the Diamond Pete Private Lesson Special for a 3 or 4-year-old. It includes two hours of private lessons with the same instructor separated by some playtime and lunch. This is a real hit with the kids, and parents can find the time to get in some runs together.
  • Start with a private lesson if possible, your child's focused attention and fast progress is worth the extra dollars. Your child has the opportunity to bond with an instructor and to go directly to the chair lift. After your child can make a wedge or snowplow, they will progress well in the group atmosphere.
  • Prepare your child for the separation, as we are unable to accept children who do not want to join. Be back on time to pick them up.
  • Have your child's personal claim check ready at pick up time. For your child's security we will only release the child to the person who has the claim check.
  • It is a parental responsibility to decide if your child wears a ski helmet. We urge parents to carefully read the information provided at

Tips for Older Children (ages 7-12) - Sierra Scouts

  • Book your child's group lessons online in advance if possible. But still plan to arrive early to get your child ready for class on time.
  • If you do not have a reservation, arrive early (especially on weekends & holidays) to make sure you can get a spot and get your child to class on time.
  • Please, ensure you personally meet your children on time when the lesson is over.
  • We highly recommend the all day program which includes lunch & all day supervision 10am-4pm. Space is limited, so book online early!