About our Snowmaking System

Since the 1960s when Diamond Peak was the first resort in the Tahoe region to invest in a snowmaking system, we've been committed to providing our skiers and snowboarders the best snow surface possible. Thanks to the consistent and pure water supply available courtesy of the IVGID Public Works Department, Diamond Peak's snowmaking system has consistently allowed the resort to enhance what Mother Nature provides and extend the ski season.

Diamond Peak's snowmaking fleet includes upgraded and energy efficient fan guns, which are substantially more efficient and quieter than the older air/water guns. Diamond Peak is also testing new low energy snow guns which use 1/4th of the compressed air needed for the older snow guns.  Air compressors are the number one source of energy consumption in the snow making system. 

HKD SnowmakerSMI Puma Snowmaker
•    gets the job done at all temperatures with four water flows, hybrid nucleation and variable airflow
•    delivers stellar snow quality at high temperatures and big production with minimal air consumption at cold temperatures
•    The modular design of the S-Series allows for technology upgrades and streamlines general maintenance and repair work
•    equipped with an onboard aspirated weather station, air and water pressure monitoring, and automated flow control
•    small flow steps deliver a smooth snowmaking curve, fine-tuning the water volume, air pressure and nucleation to best suit the existing conditions
•    operators can raise and lower the barrel or adjust the oscillation arc up to 359° on any number of machines from a central command station, delivering pinpoint control with minimal labor. The result is better snow distribution and reduced man-hours needed for grooming.
Ratnick Snowmaker- Snow Giant IISMI Super Wizard Snowmaker
•    ability to make snow at warm temperatures
•    newly redesigned mixing chamber and nozzle sets a new energy standard for internal air/water snow guns
•    Large snow particle size withstands mild temperatures better
•    best performer for marginal conditions and big throws
•    The Super Wizzard offers a 20HP (15 kW) or 25HP (18 kW) fan and 5 rings of 75 nozzles per ring that you can customize to achieve the water flows specific to your climate
•    These 375 heated nozzles are nucleated with a detachable periphery ring with 20 nucleator nozzles
•    Water adjustment is easy with four heated self draining valves

About our Snowsat Technology

Diamond Peak resort snow cats are equipped with ‘Snowsat’ technology, allowing us to report real-time snow depths and see where snow is needed. This system tracks all aspects of our snow cats operation including: run time, gas consumption, GPS tracking on the mountain, and service maintenance.  Our snow cats have the capability to see the snow depths, allowing the operators to know where snow is needed or where it is plentiful, helping to increase our snowmaking and grooming efficiencies.